WYATT EARP - Jason Riley Hoss Photography

The Wyatt Earp Tribute Gallery

This unique and one of a kind gallery has been made available for the direct purchase of Wyatt Earp Memorabilia, courtesy of Jason Riley Hoss Photography and Pat Ira Neff. Mr. Neff is a living historian who currently portrays the American Western Legend of Wyatt Earp in many reenactments and events around the United States. We thank you for assisting us in our continued effort to honor a man who helped tame our wild frontier during the Reconstruction Era and who helped mold America into the wonderful nation that she is today. Above all else, we simply and sincerely are glad you stopped by and hope you enjoy the imagery. If you have any questions about your purchase, please feel free to contact Jason at info@jasonrileyhossphotography.com
Thank You!

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